Apologia Biology, 2nd Edition Course

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For this course, students will need the student textbook, the Barbakam Laboratory Notebook, dissection tools and a specimen kit. Microscope slides are recommended to earn the lab credit for this class. The solutions manual and tests are recommended (for students and parents who like physical copies at their disposal) but not required.
Both the required and the suggested titles for this course are listed below.
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Biology - Dissecting Lab with Specimens
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This high-quality high school dissecting set is intended for use with the Exploring Creation with Biology course. Instructions for dissecting...
Apologia Biology Prepared Slides (Set of 16)
Set of 16 Slides used with "Exploring Creation with Biology" includes: Amoeba proteus, Ascaris Mitosis, Diatoms, Euglena, Grantia spicules, Hydra...
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Biology Lab Set with Prepared Slides
This is the lab set intended for use with the Apologia Exploring Creation with Biology course. If you already have...
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Apologia Exploring Creation with Biology Solutions and Test Manual, 3rd Edition
A softbound Solutions and Tests Manual, which contains answers to study guides, tests, and test solutions. The Exploring Creation with Biology...
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