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Latin Alive! Book 1 Student Edition
Latin Alive! Book 1 (Student Edition) contains 36 weekly chapters, including 7 review chapters. Clear grammatical explanations explain all five noun declensions and cases,...
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Latin Alive! Book 2 Student Edition
Latin Alive! Book 2 (Student Edition) continues the relevant, rigorous, and incremental Latin instruction begun in Latin Alive! Book 1. The Latin...
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Latin Alive! Book 3 Student Edition
Latin Alive! Book 3 (Student Edition) includes lessons on Roman culture, myths, and history, as well as Latin readings and exercises...
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Cassell's Latin English Dictionary
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This top selling dual language dictionary has been updated to include a brief history of Latin, pronunciation, syllable divisions, meters,...

¡Avancemos!: Student Edition Level 1 (2007 Edition) (USED) - PEP Ohio Edition
$142.40 $79.00
USED* Textbook ¡Avancemos! empowers students to reach proficiency in Spanish. ISBN 9780618594061 SKU 1094061 *USED BOOKS ARE NON-RETURNABLE
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Merriam-Webster Spanish - English Dictionary
Highlighting Latin American Spanish, this dictionary features the unique Spanish of Central and South America. Over 80,000 words and phrases...
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¡Avancemos!: Student Edition Level 3 (2018, Spanish Edition)
$106.20 $100.00
¡Avancemos! takes language learning beyond the book with digital resources and virtual experiences to immerse students in new cultures. By connecting...
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