Math - Algebra 1

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Saxon Math Algebra 1 Kit, 3rd Edition
$91.00 $81.90
This series is ideal for the homeschooler because they each come with a home study kit. This kit includes the...
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Saxon Math Algebra 1 Testing Book, 4th Edition
$22.90 $20.61
This test book is part of Saxon's Algebra 1, 4th Edition Homeschool curriculum. Perfect for students who already have the...
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Hands-On Algebra!: Ready-to-Use Games & Activities for Grades 7-12
$32.95 $29.95
Lay a solid foundation of algebra proficiency with over 155 hands-on games and activities. To complement the natural process of...
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Saxon Algebra 1 Answer Keys & Tests (3rd Edition)
$25.85 $23.27
Saxon Math Answer Keys and Tests are available if you have the Saxon textbook only. R.O.C.K. SOLID offers the homeschool...
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Saxon Algebra 1 Extra Test, 3rd Edition
$16.60 $14.94
Extra Test for Saxon Math ISBN: 9781565771390
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Saxon Math Algebra 1 - Solutions Manual (3rd Edition)
$50.50 $49.95
Saxon Math Solution Manuals are available to show the answers in Saxon Math books in a step-by-step format for the...
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Saxon Math Algebra 1 Kit, 4th Edition
$140.00 $126.00
This homeschool kit includes- Textbook - 120 Lessons plus investigations Solutions Manual - Contains the answers, 3-hole-punched Test Booklet -...
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Saxon Math Algebra 1 Student Text 4th Edition - USED
$79.25 $35.00
USED BOOK This textbook includes 120 Lessons plus investigations. Algebra is generally done in the 9th grade.  A TI-83+ Graphing...
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Saxon Teacher Algebra 1, Third Edition on CD-ROM
$99.00 $89.10
Saxon Teacher is the first ever official multimedia supplement to the Saxon Homeschool program. Contains over 130 hours of Algebra...
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Quick Study Algebra Part I
Laminated QUICK-STUDY GUIDES from Bar Charts provide valuable, clear and concise information on almost any subject. An excellent review/refresh aid,...
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Horizons Math Algebra 1 Set
$99.95 $89.96
Explore math through sports and other real-life applications with Horizons Algebra I! Divided into 160 lessons, this fun course includes...
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Horizons Math Algebra 1 Student Book
$39.95 $35.96
Give your homeschooler a solid foundation in algebraic concepts with the Horizons Algebra I Student Book from Alpha Omega Publications!...
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