Harvest Community School - Middle School - 8th Grade

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Scoring High on the Standard Achievement Test (SAT/10) Grade 8 Student Book
Help your students prepare for the newest version of this test with the most recent edition of Scoring High on...
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BJU Press Writing & Grammar 8 Student Worktext - 3rd Edition
Writing and Grammar 8 provides students with a basis for a clear understanding of basic English grammar and for increasing...
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Vocabulary from Latin and Greek Roots - Book II (8th Grade)
Not every teacher understands how powerful roots-based vocabulary instruction can be. Give your 8th grade students the most effective and...
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The Horse and His Boy (The Chronicles of Narnia)
Narnia ... where horses talk and hermits like company, where evil men turn into donkeys, where boys go into battle...
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The Magician's Nephew (The Chronicles of Narnia)
Narnia ... where the woods are thick and cool, where Talking Beasts are called to life ... a new world...
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Student Atlas by Merriam-Webster
$10.95 $9.94
A Colorful, Engaging World Atlas for grades 5 - 8ISBN: 9780877796381
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Elegant Essay: Building Blocks for Analytical Writing Student Book
Purchase this book if you need extra Student Books to teach Elegant Essay- Building Blocks for Analytical Writing. Help your...
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BJU Press Cultural Geography Student Activities, 4th Edition
The Cultural Geography Student Activities Manual, 4th ed., provides a variety of activities designed for reinforcement of what is in the Student...
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A Writer's Guide to Transitional Words and Expressions
$16.95 $14.97
Essential, handy reference helps writers organize and connect ideas and reduce fragmented writing. Lists 1,000 words and phrase "connectors" in...
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The Yearling
$7.99 $7.27
In 19th century backwoods Florida, a young boy named Jody adopts an orphaned fawn who becomes a treasured member of...
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The Call of the Wild (TextWord Press)
The Call of the Wild is a powerfully-written description of endurance, courage, and fidelity. London’s use of language, his sensitivity,...
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The Last Battle (The Chronicles of Narnia)
The conclusion of the saga that began with The Magician's Nephew... Narnia ... where dwarfs are loyal and tough and...
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