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Economic Logic (USED)
$49.95 $30.00
USED BOOK This textbook is an all-in-one textbook for economics. Not only does it have an overview explaining economic thinking...
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Genesis in Space & Time (D)
$17.00 $15.94
Challenging the skepticism of the modern world, Francis A. Schaeffer shows why Genesis still stands as a solid basis for...
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Great Political Theories Volume 1 (D & E)
$14.99 $13.47
As an introduction to political theory and science, this collection of writings by the great philosophers will be of close...
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Great Political Theories Volume 2
$14.99 $13.47
This carefully selected compilation of the significant writings of the great political philosophers, scientists, and thinkers has long been an...
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Institutes of Christian Religion
This abridged edition of the Institutes provides a readable and inexpensive sampler of Calvin's greatest work. Lane has condensed the...
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Liberty, Order, and Justice
The Liberty Fund edition of James McClellan's classic work on the quest for liberty, order, and justice in England and...
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Second Treatise of Government
Library of Liberal Arts title.ISBN: 9780023933004
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Soul of Science (E)
$21.99 $20.47
This work surveys the development of science so that Christians may gain an understanding of its historical progression in light...
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The Big Three in Economics: Adam Smith, Karl Marx, and John Maynard Keynes
History comes alive in this fascinating story of opposing views that continue to play a fundamental role in today's politics...
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The Reasonableness of Christianity
A new and manageable edition of Locke has been badly needed. Professor Ramsey's judicious editing of these important texts fills...
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