History/Social Studies - Government

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The Federalist Papers (E)
A DOCUMENT THAT SHAPED A NATION  An authoritative analysis of the Constitution of the United States and an enduring classic...
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Alpha Omega Switched-On Schoolhouse - Civics/American Government (USB)
$56.95 $51.26
Want to give your student a better understanding of American government? Get Switched-On Schoolhouse Civics for grades 9-12. This interesting,...
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Alpha Omega LIFEPAC 12th Grade - History/Geography - Government & Economics
$79.95 $71.96
Government & EconomicsEach Twelfth Grade LIFEPAC set includes 10 workbooks and 1 Teachers Manual. The Teachers Guide contains answer keys...
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The Anti-Federalist Papers and the Constitutional Convention Debates (E)
The complete texts of the documents that tell the story of the clashes and compromises that gave birth to the...
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Alpha Omega Lifepac Civics American Government
$64.95 $58.46
LIFEPAC Civics is a five-unit course elective for high school students. Students learn about the relationship between the individual and...
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Ancient Rome, A Bluestocking Guide
$9.95 $8.94
Based on Richard J. Maybury's Book, Ancient Rome: How It Affects You Today. Bluestocking Guides are designed to enhance students’...
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BJU Press American Government Student Text, 3rd Edition
In the American Government Student Text, 3rd ed., your student will learn about essential features of American government, from its historical...
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Exploring Government Curriculum Package (Updated 2016 Edition)
Exploring Government is a one-semester high school course that provides a half-year credit in government. Lessons cover federal, state, and local...
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Justice - Bluestocking Guide to Whatever Happened to Justice?
$15.95 $15.27
"Bluestocking Guide: Justice" is designed to reinforce and enhance a student's understanding of the subject matter presented in the primer,...
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Political Philosophies - A Bluestocking Guide to Are You Liberal, Conservative, or Confused?
$12.95 $12.47
"Bluestocking Guide: Political Philosophies" is designed to reinforce and enhance a student's understanding of the subject matter presented in the...
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The Nature of Government
$112.60 $104.97
From Blue Stocking press and Dr. Richard Maybury,  this kit of resources makes a great high school government course that's...
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The Fractured Republic: Renewing America's Social Contract in the Age of Individualism (F)
Americans today are frustrated and anxious. Our economy is sluggish and leaves workers insecure. Income inequality, cultural divisions, and political...
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