Early Learning - Phonics - Bob Jones Phonics and English

For Kindergarten and First grades.
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BJU Press Reading 1 Student Worktext, 4th Edition
The Reading 1 Student Worktext offers pages of fun activities that correspond to each reading lesson. These worktext pages are...
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BJU Press Phonics and English 1 Worktext, 3rd Edition
The Phonics and English Worktext include clever vowel characters that help teach students the word families and regular phonics patterns....
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BJU Press Focus on Fives K5 Worktext, 4th Edition
The Worktext provides age-appropriate assessments for science, social studies, phonics, reading, and handwriting. It includes weekly evaluation pages and additional pages at...
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BJU Press Reading 1A - 1F Reader Set, 4th Edition
The six student Reading 1 texts contain a variety of colorfully illustrated Bible stories, biographies, fiction, nonfiction articles, poems, and...
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BJU Press Focus on Fives Phonics Practice for K5, 4th Edition
The Practice Book provides daily exercises in phonics skills and word families. Stories are included for additional reading practice. Consumable,...
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BJU Press Focus on Fives Reading Books for K5, 4th Edition (34 Books)
These 34 books that focus on silent reading comprehension and oral reading. They include partner reading with a parent or...
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BJU Press Beginnings Student Worktext for K5, 3rd Edition
Daily follow-up using the Student Worktext will cover the 44 phonics sounds and their common spellings. Consumable, ISBN 9781591668916, SKU 1091817, Code 260059
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BJU Press Beginnings Phonics Practice K5
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Six colorful units offer thirty weeks of phonics practice. Correlated with the phonics sequence in K5 Beginnings but can stand...

BJU Press Beginnings Reading Books for K5 Set, 3rd Edition
Thirty-two four-color readers correlate with Beginnings (3rd ed.). This set includes Bible accounts, family stories, information books, and literature selections....
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BJU Press Reading 1 Home School Kit, 4th Edition
$234.45 $178.50
This item ships FREE to any U.S. address. Help your student develop a love for the written word with the Reading...
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BJU Press Phonics 1 Visuals Packet, 3rd ed
The packet provides service words and vocabulary words used in context sentences as well as short stories to enhance the...
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BJU Press Focus on Fives Subject Kit, 4th Edition
$430.89 $323.15
Focus on Fives starts children on a path for developing learning the skills they will need for first grade. Students receive...
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