Harvest Community School - Elementary - 2nd Grade

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Abeka Phonics and Language 2
Teach your student the wonderful gift of the English language! This book gives your student an excellent foundation in sentence...
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Abeka Reading Comprehension 2 Skill Sheets
With puzzles, word problems, and more this book builds your child’s comprehension, general reasoning, and implications. There are thirty-six reading...
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Scoring High on the Standard Achievement Test (SAT/10) Grade 2 Student Book
Help your students prepare for the newest version of this test with the most recent edition of Scoring High on...
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Cursive Handwriting (Grade 3) - Handwriting Without Tears
$16.99 $15.94
This workbook is for third-grade students or those working at that level. EXPANDED room for writing DIGITAL instruction opportunities CURSIVE...
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Abeka Arithmetic 2 Worktext
Have your child begin applying mathematical concepts to everyday situations even in the second grade. Foundational concepts such as addition...
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Abeka Arithmetic 2 Tests and Speed Drills
How many more snails did the hairy frog of Africa eat on Monday than it ate on Tuesday? Your child...
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Abeka Handbook for Reading Phonics Textbook, 3rd Edition
Abeka supports a phonics-based reading program, and the Handbook for Reading is an invaluable tool for teaching and reviewing blends...
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Adventure Bible for Early Readers - NIrV
$32.99 $28.94
Ready for Adventure? The Adventure Bible® for Early Readers takes you on a fun, exciting journey through God's Word. Along...
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Purposeful Design Spelling Plus Grade 2 Student Book (ACSI Spelling)
The full-color pages of the student edition are filled with beautiful photographs and graphics. Each page is perforated, and a...
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Shurley English Kit - Grade 2
$70.00 $63.97
Shurley English is a complete grammar and writing program. A Shurley English Kit contains all the materials that you need...
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Shurley English Student Workbook - Grade 2
Shurley English is a complete grammar and writing program. This consumable workbook for Shurley English contains a Jingle Section, a...
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Shurley English Practice Booklet, Level 2
Each practice booklet for Shurley English contains the Introductory Sentences and Practice Sentences written out for the student to work...
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