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English from the Roots Up Volume 2 Flash Cards
These cards are for use with English from the Roots Up Volume 2 Book. You can make your own with...
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For the Temple
$16.95 $15.87
For the Temple follows the adventures of young John of Gamala during the dark years of Roman occupation, political infighting,...
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Men of Iron
 In seeking to avenge his unjustly accused father, young Myles Falworth is knighted and wins the friendship of King Henry...
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Otto of the Silver Hand
A rich and engrossing thread of Romance runs through this tale of the motherless son of a valiant robber baron...
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Student Resource Notebook (IEW)
New and experienced IEW students will be delighted by the abundant writing helps in this resource—Models of Structure, Style Charts,...
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The King's Shadow
Evyn, a young Welsh serf, has dreamed all his life of becoming a storyteller. But in a cruel twist of...
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The Story of Rolf: A Viking Adventure
$9.95 $9.27
Set in eleventh-century Iceland during the early years of Christianity, this tale recalls the adventures of a young Viking bowman...
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