The VINE Homeschool Co-op - 8th Grade

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Apologia Exploring Creation with Physical Science Student Notebook, 2nd Edition
$39.00 $35.00
Help your junior high students develop the independent study skills they'll need to learn and enjoy science in high school,...
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Medieval History-Based Writing Lessons, Fourth Edition (Student Book only)
Civilizations, events, and major figures of the Middle Ages come to life as students write using IEW’s stylistic techniques and the nine...
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Student Resource Notebook (IEW)
New and experienced IEW students will be delighted by the abundant writing helps in this resource—Models of Structure, Style Charts,...
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Mystery of History Volume 3: The Renaissance, Reformation, and Growth of Nations (1455-1707) Student
$59.95 $45.97
The Mystery of History Volume III Student Reader continues the spectacular and provocative study of world history from the viewpoint...
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Apologia Exploring Creation with Physical Science Student Text Only 2nd Edition
$68.00 $59.00
This is the student text only and does not include the Solutions Manual and Tests. Exploring Creation With Physical Science...
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