Harvest Community School - Elementary - 1st Grade

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Shurley English Practice Booklet, Level 1
$8.00 $7.27
Each practice booklet for Shurley English contains the Introductory Sentences and Practice Sentences written out for the student to work...
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My Printing Book Workbook (Grade 1) - Handwriting Without Tears (2013 Edition)
This workbook is for first-grade students or those working at that level. Lessons emphasize the correct use of lowercase letters...
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Shurley English Student Workbook - Grade 1
$12.00 $10.47
Shurley English is a complete grammar and writing program.   This consumable workbook for Shurley English contains a Jingle Section,...
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BJU Press Reading 1 Student Worktext, 4th Edition
The Reading 1 Student Worktext offers pages of fun activities that correspond to each reading lesson. These worktext pages are...
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The Bears on Hemlock Mountain
There are no bears on Hemlock Mountain, No bears, no bears at all... Or so young Jonathan is told by...
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The Eager Reader Bible: Bible Stories to Grow on
$14.99 $13.47
The Eager Reader Bible has proven itself as a Bible storybook that works. The colorful illustrations and "just right" story...
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Squanto - Friend of the Pilgrims
When Squanto is a young boy living in his Indian village of Patuxet, he sees the ships of white men,...
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Scoring High on the Standard Achievement Test (SAT/10) Grade 1 Student Book
Help your students prepare for the newest version of this test with the most recent edition of Scoring High on...
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Shurley English Kit - Grade 1
$70.00 $58.97
  Shurley English is a complete grammar and writing program. A Shurley English Kit contains all the materials that you...
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In Grandma's Attic
Remember when you were a child - when all the world was new, and the smallest object a thing of...
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BJU Press Spelling 1 Student Worktext 3rd Edition
The Spelling 1 Student Worktext has been revised to include colorful worktext pages with activities such as rhyming, using words...
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BJU Press Phonics and English 1 Worktext, 3rd edition
The Phonics and English Worktext includes clever vowel characters that help teach students the word families and regular phonics patterns....
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