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Student Atlas by Merriam-Webster
$10.95 $9.94
A Colorful, Engaging World Atlas for grades 5 - 8ISBN: 9780877796381
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National Geographic Student Atlas of the World, 4th Edition
$12.99 $11.95
The new fourth edition of National Geographic's award-winning Student Atlas of the World is more fascinating and fact-filled than ever,...
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World of Science
$24.99 $21.27
The World of Science explores God’s creation all around us, from the furthest star in the Universe to the smallest...
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Webster’s American Dictionary of the English Language, 1828 Edition.
$59.95 $54.96
The 1828 facsimile reprint of the first American Dictionary, documents the quality of Biblical education which raised up American statesmen...
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Wit and Wisdom from Poor Richard's Almanack
Hundreds of delightful aphorisms, carefully selected from many issues of Franklin's popular 18th-century publication: "Early to bed and early to...
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The Student Bible Atlas
$12.99 $11.69
For more than twenty-five years, The Student Bible Atlas has been a trusted companion for Bible students of all ages and interests....
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The Synonym Finder
$18.99 $17.27
With a simple alphabetical arrangement this book has been expanded to include thousands of new words and expressions that have...
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Star Wars Year by Year: A Visual Chronicle
The definitive history of "Star Wars" no fan should be without; now with 8 pages of exciting new content documenting...
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Merriam-Webster Dictionary
$6.50 $5.97
This dictionary covers the core vocabulary of everyday life with over 75,000 clear, concise definitions. Includes pronunciations, word origins and...
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Merriam-Webster Elementary Dictionary (Updated & Expanded Edition)
$18.95 $15.94
An updated edition of the essential bestselling dictionary for children in grades 3-5, this is an ideal resource for school...
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Merriam-Webster Intermediate Dictionary
$17.95 $15.47
Over 65,000 entries with new words to help students write and speak effectively. New words from fields of technology and...
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Merriam-Webster Synonyms And Antonyms
Clear explanations of the distinctions between synonyms, example phrases included, paperback.
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