Testing and Tutors

Testing Dates 2024

Saturday, May 4th (Virtual or In-Person Testing) FULL
Saturday, May 11th (In-Person Testing) LIMITED AVAILABILITY
Saturday, May 18th (Virtual Testing) FULL
Saturday, June 1st  (In-Person Testing) LIMITED AVAILABILITY
Saturday, June 8th  (Virtual or In-Person Testing) LIMITED AVAILABILITY

R.O.C.K. Solid sponsors testing for homeschool students on Saturdays in May and June of each year.  We offer the WRAT5 and PEABODY test. 

The Peabody test is administered to one student at a time by a state certified teacher. You can choose In-Person, or Virtual!  It takes one hour to complete (although not timed) and is a nationally normed test that the state of Florida recognizes.  Click here for a full description of this test. 

The WRAT5 is administered to one student at a time by a state certified teacher.  It must be taken In-Person.  It meets the requirements for the Florida Empowerment Scholarship and the Personalized Education Program (PEP) Scholarship. Here is the publishers description of their test: "The Wide Range Achievement Test, Fifth Edition (WRAT 5) is a nationally norm-referenced test that measures the basic academic skills of word reading, spelling, math computation, and sentence comprehension for individuals ranging from kindergarten (age 5) through grade 12 and adulthood (ages 18-85+)."

Please email us at service@rocksolidinc.com to get on the list for testing. Include the following information so we can get you on the testing schedule:  Child's name, age, grade, and parent/guardians name, email, and number he/she can be reached at on the day of testing. This information is needed so the testing tutor can prepare the correct test for your child and you (the parent/guardian) can be reached on the day of testing. Testing slots are issued in the order they are received.  So please don't request a special time.  We do this to accommodate the schedule of the teacher who administers the test.  Cost is $75.00.  We fill up fast so secure your spot today by emailing us! 

*Please note that currently we are experiencing difficulties sending emails to Gmail addresses. Please provide an alternate email if you have a Gmail account.


Tutors  - Testers - Evaluators

 Although we do not personally endorse any on this list, we have chosen homeschool friendly folks to add to our selections.  If you provide these services and are homeschool friendly/knowledgeable, please send us your information at sales@rocksolidinc.com.
  • Joanne Mastronicola
  • Contact: JoMastro@bellsouth.net, highschoolpuzzle.com 
  • Jacksonville, FL, Locations vary, Skype appts available
  • High School Guidance/Transcript Services
  • Homeschool mom,  homeschool co-op biology/physics teacher, author of Piecing Together the High School Puzzle
  • Fees:  $75.00 - $125 depending on services.


  • Missy Springer
  • Contact: 727-224-1359 or melissa.d.springer@gmail.com
  • Palm Harbor, Fl
  • Tutoring in all subjects for grades K-6, specializing in math. Available for any and all testing/proctoring opportunities
  • Certified teacher of grades K-6 with ESOL and gifted endorsements.  Master's degree in elementary math and science. 
  • Fees:  $50.00 per hour
  • Tutoring is done at the Palm Harbor Library


  • Rebecca Cumbie
  • Contact: SunnyEvals.com, SunshineIndividualizedLearning@gmail.com, or 904-990-6060
  • Jacksonville, FL Cyberservices throughout the state of Florida
  • Testing: SAT10, ITBS, WRAT4, K-12 tutoring and small group classes, curriculum consultations, high school guidance/transcripts
  • Florida Certified Teacher for 20+ years, Home Education Specialist since 2008, Homeschool mom since 2004.
  • Fees range from $25 - $200 depending on services 


  • Lindsey Knott
  • Contact: wordhoard.pep@gmail.com
  • Jacksonville, FL.
  • Iowa Testing (ITBS and ITED) for grades 3-12; portfolio evaluation for grades 6-12; tutoring in writing for grades 6-12
  • Florida Certified Teacher; PEP tutor for four years; tutor for home school families for ten years; home school graduate
  • Testing & Portfolio Evaluations, $75-$100 per student. Tutoring, $40/hr.  


  • Cassy Morency
  • Contact: clmorencyschool@yahoo.com  phone: 904-502-1402 
  • Jacksonville, FL. Locations are my home and the Regency Library
  • Tutoring K-8th in most subjects, including math up to Algebra ll.
  • Homeschool mom with a bachelors degree in Elementary Education with 29 years of experience.
  • Fees range from $25 - $150  per hour depending on services provided.  


  • Christy Newman
  • Jacksonville, FL
  • Contact: 904-422-6020, christynewman@bellsouth.net
  • Testing and Tutoring at Orange Park and Jacksonville Public Libraries
  • Administering the Brigance and any Nationally Normed Test;  Tutoring in Reading and Math K-6th  
  • Florida Certified Teacher for 44 years,  Elementary Education Pre-Kindergarten to 6th, Exceptional Student Education(Special Needs), Masters in Student Services, NILD Therapist Level1. Homeschool mom, Taught handicapped and Autistic  homeschool students
  • Fees range from $35 to $100 depending on the services 


  • Katharine Harrold 
  • Jacksonville, FL
  • Contact: (904)759-2040, dnaharrold@att.net
  • Testing and Tutoring at Highlands Branch Library, or church, or home
  • Homeschool Portfolio Evaluations for K-12. California Achievement Testing (CAT) available as well as high school planning and transcript preparation (cost TBA based on individual student needs).
  • B.A.E. and M.A.E. in Elementary Education, with an emphasis in technology, additional certification in early childhood education, former experience in high school guidance counseling.Retired Duval County Public School Teacher
  • Fees start at $40 depending on the services.  Discount for returning students and H.E.R.I. members.


  • Melissa Halliburton 
  • Jacksonville, FL
  • (904) 728 9984 or email: David.halliburton@hotmail.com
  • Located in Mandarin area; testing administered in Mandarin or at Mandarin Public Library
  • Testing: Brigance Test of Basic Skills, Iowa Test of Basic Skills, Portfolio Reviews, Stanford 10, CAT, Quick Phonics Screener
  • Homeschool Evaluator, Tester, Curriculum Consultant and Reading Tutor for Dyslexia
  • Homeschool mother since 2006, Homeschool Co-op Teacher,  Florida certified teacher since 1989, Trained in Orton Gillingham Method for Dyslexic students
  • B.S. in Early Childhood Education, Masters in Primary Education
  • Fees range from $50 - $75; Sibling discount, Referral discount


  • Sharon Rodriguez Hildebrand
  • Orange Park/Jacksonville, FL
  • 904-413-6993 (text preferred, will respond with a call), sharonscallyrodriguez@gmail.com, Sharon Scally Hildebrand on Facebook Messenger
  • Location is flexible. Traveling fees may be charged if you request to meet at a location outside of Orange Park.
  • Kindergarten through 12th, portfolio evaluations, Brigance, KTEA, Stanford 10(SAT)
  • Florida certified teacher, homeschooling for over 19 years, homeschool testing and portfolio evaluations for over 20 years, I do everything possible to keep evaluations stress free.
  • Fees: Portfolio evaluations for $25 per student. Brigance testing for $65, KTEA for $90, group Stanford 10 testing for $50. All three testing options come with a computer-generated score report for the parent. All test results are private. I will give you a signed letter to submit to the county for annual evaluation.


  • Michele Wensell:  Great Learning Leaps
  • Orange Park, FL
  • 904-860-2953, michele@greatlearningleaps.com, greatlearningleaps.com
  • Location for tutoring is flexible. Traveling fees may be charged if you request to meet at a location outside of Orange Park.
  • Tutoring: Provides K-12 reading tutoring using the Great Leaps program.  Tutoring is virtual, so you are not limited by location! Tutoring is offered for anywhere from 3, up to 5 days a week, 15 minutes a day. This program is for students who read under a 5th-6th grade level.  Tutoring is through Skype or Facebook Messenger video chat.  A computer, laptop, or tablet/cell phone combo can be used.  Great Leaps has a 20+ year track record and is evidence and research-based.  Your child’s growth is tracked, and most children can expect 2 years of growth in less than a year.  This program was designed to handle various learning differences.
  • A. in Special Education, home school mom for the last 13 years, public school and private school educator for 9 years.
  • Fees: There is a placement and licensing fee (registration fee) of $199.  It can be made in two installments.  Weekly tutoring/monitoring fee depends on whether you choose 3 or 5 days a week.


  • J. Arnold
  • Jacksonville, FL and surrounding areas
  • 904-994-5041, JPeriod@TutorExtraordinaire.netJPeriod@TutorExtraordinaire.net
  • Location for tutoring is flexible. I drive to you! Wherever is convenient.  Also, offers Skype tutoring at a reduced rate.
  • Tutoring: All grades but specializing in middle and high school Chemistry, physics, all levels of math, SAT/ACT prep
  • A homeschool graduate myself, as well as a homeschool dad, and homeschool tutor for many Northeast Florida co-ops and families for over 15 years. Tutoring since 2002.
  • Fees: $60/hr with room for negotiation ;-)


  • Carrie McGrew
  • Jacksonville, FL
  • 904-333-0495, gccanda@bellsouth.net
  • Location for lessons are at her home on the Northside of Jacksonville, FL near I-295 and Alta.
  • Private voice lessons-all levels. Piano lessons-beginner through intermediate.  Offers progress reports for records and recommendation letters upon request.
  • BA Classical Voice from UNF I have studied for 30+ years and have been teaching for 20+ years.
  • Fees: $80 per month for 30-minute weekly lessons.


  • Heather Estelle
  • Sarasota, FL
  • 941-713-0894, info@heatherestelle.com
  • Location: Sarasota, Bradenton, and virtual options
  • Reading, Writing, and Math tutoring (through Algebra 2), SAT prep, Portfolio Evaluations and Homeschool Consultations
  • Bachelor’s in Elementary Education, 24 years of experience tutoring and teaching homeschool children in co-ops as well as homeschooling my own 2 children from K-12, evaluated homeschool families since 2007
  • Fees range from $50 - $200 depending on services



  • Suzanne F. Tedder ED CCC-SLP, Speech Language Pathologist
  • Jacksonville, FL 32217
  • 904-710-3763, Sft31@comcast.net
  • See students individually for screening, evaluation, consultation and therapy in my office in the San Marco area of Jacksonville.
  • Private practice as a pediatric speech therapist for 20 years, part-time. Specializing in age 2-10 speech and language disorders.
  • Homeschool mom of 4, homeschooling for 17 years (two in college, one in high school and one in middle school). Masters in Communication Disorders, Speech-language pathology from UVA
  • Fees: Pricing varies depending on services and insurance.  Screenings are $30.  


  • Mandy Brown 
  • Mandarin/Orange Park
  • 904-891-3237, homecmandy@gmail.com
  • Private sewing lessons are $25/hour. 
  • Portfolio evaluations are $25 per student and are done in Mandarin or Orange Park. Same day emergency reviews are available for $75, and include Mandy driving to you for the evaluation.
  • Florida certified teacher that fully understands home school laws. She is currently a contracted tester with HERI and reviews portfolios in Orange Park and Mandarin community.  


  • Jonathan Brown 
  • Jacksonville, FL 
  • 904-891-3237, browjm2@gmail.com
  • Offers math tutoring from 3rd grade through statistics and beyond.
  • Tutoring fees are $30/hour.
  • Has tutoring experience at FSCJ, working with UNF students as a mentor for engineering, and leading quality analytics at JEA. His education is from UF and he has a double bachelors in Industrial Engineering and Applied Statistics.  Jonathan and his family use Saxon Math, so while he can tutor from any book, he knows this curriculum well.







  • Gloria Fider-Nicholson
  • Lithonia, GA 30038
  • 678-607-5135, acahomeschool@yahoo.com
  • Offers Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS), Stanford Testing, CogAT, Test Prep for ITBS & SAT (Grades 3-8 & 9-11) respectively
  • Teacher with 46 years experience, Homeschool experience – 13 years (2006 to present), S., Educational Psychology, M.S., Special Education
  • Fees:  Testing is $35 - $60 per day, Tutoring is $35 per hour for elementary & middle school students, $50 per hour for high school students.  Prices negotiable for multiple testers in a family.





  • MaryAnna Nagorski 
  • Sugar Land/Houston, TX
  • maryanna1111@gmail.com
  • Location for tutoring: Your home or the public library.
  • Tutoring: Latin language- private classes or tutoring to individual students, or families/small groups. Cambridge curriculum. Ages 8-18. Adults considered on an individual basis.
  • A teacher at Schola Academy in Sugar Land since 2010. 3-time gold-medal winner, National Latin Exam.  Total of 8 years of tutoring experience.
  • Fees start at $50/hr- negotiable depending on location and class size.