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The Composer Audio CD Set
This CD set presents all the sightreading and dictation exercises for The Composer, a required item for those using The...
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BJU Press Sound Speech Student Text
Making a speech needn't mean sweaty palms and a cracking voice. From platform presence to persuasion, this one-semester course teaches...
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BJU Press Sound Speech Teacher’s Edition
Introduce public speaking, from platform presence to persuasion, with this one-semester course. The course features special chapters about topic choice,...
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BJU Press The Composer Student Text
The Student Text provides simple composing activities and guided learning of concepts. Softcover. ISBN - 9780890847381
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BJU Press The Composer: Teacher Resource Materials
Teaches music theory through lessons in fundamentals, sight-translation, dictation, and composing. Includes 18 lessons that may be covered in one...
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BJU Press Performing Literature: Oral Interpretation and Drama Student Text
Designed for one semester, the course prepares students for performance at home school gatherings, in church, and in competition. Excellent...
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