Harvest Community School - Elementary - K5

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My Printing Book Workbook (Grade 1) - Handwriting Without Tears
This workbook is for first grade students or those working at that level. Lessons emphasize the correct use of lowercase...
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Getting Started (Kindergarten) Student (Character Foundation)
Reviewing the lives of various biblical characters help students to understand: Obedience Faith Thankfulness Love Honesty Perseverance Friendliness Kindness Students will...
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BJU Press Math K5 Student Workbook, 3rd Edition
This colorful consumable workbook contains great fun with math. 353 pages, paperback. Chapters include - Geometry Classifying and Comparing Numbers...
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BJU Press Beginnings K5 Worktext (3rd ed.)
Daily follow-up using the Student Worktext will cover the 44 phonics sounds and how they are commonly spelled. This is...
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BJU Press Beginnings Phonics Practice K5
Six colorful units offer thirty weeks of phonics practice. Correlated with the phonics sequence in K5 Beginnings but can stand...
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BJU Press Beginnings Reading Books for K5 (3rd ed.)
Thirty-two four-color readers that can be correlated with the skills of Beginnings and the units in the Phonics Practice Book....
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1st Grade Printing Teacher's Guide - Handwriting Without Tears
Guide for the student workbook, My Printing Book. This teacher's guides give you the latest resources and strategies for teaching...
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