Free Resources

Free Educational Sites - These are all home school friendly!

ABC Mouse – Free 30-day trial for kids ages 2-8. 

Accessibyte - Accessibyte makes fun, funky, fully accessible apps for users who are blind, visually impaired, deaf, dyslexic, or have other reading difficulties.  Currently free for 45 days but will extend beyond that if necessary.   

Adventure Academy – Free 30-day trial for kids ages 8-13. 

Alchemie – This freebie is for chemistry students or those interested in chemistry.  Their Mechanisms app is free for those affected by COVID-19. Their ModelAR app is free year-round. 

Alpha Omega Publications – Sign up for a free 30-day trial of their Monarch Curriculum.   

Amazon Future Engineer Program – For middle and high school classes, including advanced placement.  Students and teachers will maintain free access through August 31st, 2020.  

American Chemical Society: Chemistry for Life    

     Elementary: Free videos, experiments, games, the secret science of stuff, and science  ABC’s for elementary students. 

     High School:  Educational Videos and Articles. 

American Panorama - An atlas of United States History 

Anatomy Arcade - Free games, interactives and videos to help your student learn about the human body. 

Arcademics -  Free multiplayer educational games, math games, language arts games and more! 

Audible – While schools are closed, Audible is allowing kids everywhere to stream a collection of stories picked by their editors.  It’s free to stream and requires no sign up.  Just search the available titles and start listening. 

Babbel – Although many aspects require a subscription, they offer lots of free lessons. 

Bar Charts Quick Study Guides - Free reference guides. 

Bedtime Math: Cabin Fever Math – Fun activities to help keep your kids’ math skills sharp.  

Bedtime Math App –  Created for families with kids ages 3-9. Available for the iPhone/iPad or Android and in both English and Spanish. 

BeeLine Reader Chrome Extension - Click on the link for the chrome extension.  It’s currently free to K-12 teachers and students. 

BookFlix by Scholastic – Kids can watch a story and read along, read a book on screen, complete puzzlers and dive deeper.  They even have lesson plans for parents.  Students can read books like Where the Wild Things Are, Scaredy Squirrel, The Snowy Day, Is Your Mama a Llama, Giraffes Can’t Dance, Danny and the Dinosaur, Curious George Rides a Bike and many, many more!  All this for FREE!  For PreK – 3rd grade. 

BreakoutEDU – Digital games for students in grades K-12.  Just click and play. 

BWS Education Consulting – Free test prep and college admissions guides. 

CheckMath - CheckMath supports various topics including basic arithmetic, fractions, equations and many more. Suitable for ages 10 to 16. 

Chess Kids - Learn & play chess with other kids. 

Chrome Music Lab - No account needed.  Just open an experiment and start playing. 

Circletime – Kids classes for ages 0-6.  Offers yoga, storytime and more! 

Cincinnati Zoo – Take a safari via facebook live every weekday at 3pm EDT until April 11th.  While you are on their facebook page, check out the videos 

CK-12 – There is something for everyone in grades K-12.  Learn science, math, social studies and photography via articles, adaptive learning, PLIX and more! 

Classroom Secrets – For elementary age students.  This site is currently in beta.  While it’s in beta, you can access it for free. 

Code - Learn to code.  For grades K-12 and beyond.  All courses are available at no cost.  No account needed. 

CommonLit – A reading program for all students. 

Cosmic Kids – Fun yoga for kids.   

Coursera for Campus - Free access for any impacted college or university students.  

Crazy Adventures in Parenting – Free coloring pages and activities.  Choose from Frozen, Toy Story, Moana, and much more! 

Cube for Teachers – Resources shared by educators. 

Curriki – For Preschool-Grade 12.  Lessons can be chosen by grade level or by searching for a specific topic.  

Conjueguemos – Learn a language for free through games and activities.  

Discovery Education Puzzlemaker -  Create different puzzles for free! 

Duolingo – Always free with ads!  Learn a different language for free. 

Dyslexia Academy -  Free one-month gold membership for homeschooling families and teachers. 

Dr. Panda – They are currently offering several apps for free, a $3.99 savings!!!!  Click the links below or search Dr. Panda in your app store. 

     Google Play      iTunes      Amazon 

E Learning - Four free projects for grades K-12.  No account needed for these four projects. 

Everydae – SAT study prep.  Free while public schools are closed.  Use the code HOMEPREP. 

Exploratorium - Lots of websites, activities, apps, and more.  There is even an online Learning Toolbox for learning together at home. 

Fact Monster - Math fact cards.

Family Games – Classic original games that are free to download and play.   

Fiveable – Free AP resources for high school students. 

Fluency and Fitness – Sign up for a 21-day trial.  According to their site, there is no need to cancel after 21 days.  Your access to the site simply expires.  Best for ages 4-8. 

Genially - Create interactive images, social media pages, games, timelines, quizzes and so much more!  The possibilities are endless! No need for design or programming knowledge. 

Gizmos - Recommended for grades 3-12.  They are offering a free, full access account for 60 days.  After 60 days, you can still access their free Gizmos.  Gizmos run on PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, iPads, and Android devices. 

Go Noodle - Get kids up and moving to videos and games! 

Grammarly - Free Chrome Extension 

Handwriting Heroes – Free font to model correct letter formation and line placement. 

Healthy Kids – Recipes, tips, games, activities, and more to help kids stay healthy.  You can even download a free goals chart. 

Home Science Tools – Free worksheets and printables. 

IMoves – Free fun activities to enable active learning at home. 

Institute for Excellence in Writing

     Writing Tools App     Writing Helps (Recommended reading list, free mini books, etc.)

Izzit – Free educational materials for anyone interested in learning.  For grades K3 – 12. 

Kennedy Center - 

     Tour the Kennedy Center 

     Lunch Doodles with Mo 

    Resource Collections: Learn about countries, dance, media, folktales, opera, math,  holidays and more! 

Khan Academy – They offer many options so students can practice and master skills as well as videos to help students learn new material.  Available in 40 languages for kids ages 4 go 18.   

Khan Academy Kids – A 100% free app for kids ages 2 – 7.  No ads, no subscriptions!  

KiwiCo – Although this website is a subscription box site, they offer lots of free, at-home resources for kids.  You can create invisible ink, an endless loop and so much more! 

Krazy Dad – Mazes for kids of all ages. 

Lalilo – A free, online phonics and comprehension program for grades K-2. 

Learning Apps – Lots of free apps & activities that can be completed on screen. 

Learning Resources – Resources for PreK – 1st Grade 

Printable Fun      STEM Activities       Toddler Time      Teacher’s Lounge 

Libby – Ebooks and audiobooks you can download for free from your local library.  library card is needed. 

Lingro Learning: LingroToGo – A free Spanish app. 

Little Spark Company – Free printables and activities for ages 0 to 6. 

Little Twisters Yoga - Kids yoga cards and books.  All items are currently free.  Download them while you can! 

Louvre – Take a closer look at artwork and explore collections. 

MathGameTime – Math games, videos, worksheets and mobile games for PreK – 7th Grade. 

The Math Worksheet Site - Online math worksheet generator.  Free options available.

Me and My Inklings – Free printables, games, puzzles and more! 

Metropolitan Museum of Art Kids -  Made for kids, by kids and with kids.  Learn about the museum and exhibits. 

The Metropolitan Opera - Each day, a different encore presentation is being made available for free streaming.  Each performance will be available for a period of 23 hours.  See their website for the full details. 

Minecraft: Education Edition – Grades 3-5 

Mystery Science – Easy mini-length and full-length science lessons for grades K-5.  No login or account needed.   

NASA Kids’ Club – A place for kids PreK – Grade 4 to learn about NASA and its missions using games and activities.  You can even download the NASA Selfie app that allows you to take pictures of yourself in a virtual spacesuit in front of cosmic locations. 

National Geographic Kids – Kids in grades K-5 can play games, watch videos, explore and learn about animals. 

Nitro Type – A worldwide real time typing competition. 

OMNI Calculator – Over 1000 free calculators. 

The OT Toolbox - Lots of free resources to help with the healthy development of kids through play and activities. 

Pampers –   

Indoor Activities           Nursery Rhymes 

Paper Gifts for Estefany - Free Bible coloring pages, puzzles, crafts and more.  

Photomath - Offers both a free and paid version. 

Picture This Games – A free virtual card matching memory game. 

Pixar in a Box - A behind-the-scenes look at how Pixar artists do their jobs. 

Prodigy – A place for students in Grades 1-8 to learn and practice math.  No costs, ever. 

Purple Mash/Serial Mash – Purple Mash enables children in K – 5th grade to explore and enhance their knowledge in a fun and creative way.  Serial Mash is an online library of guided reading books for ages 5-11.   

Quizlet – Create virtual flashcards.  

Reading IQ – Sign up for a free 30-day trial.  This is a full literacy experience for ages 2-12.  

Rockalingua – Rockalingua assists parents with teaching kids Spanish.  Although not all resources are free, the free resources are clearly marked.  Kids can watch videos, sing songs, complete worksheets, play games and view a collection of Spanish picture dictionaries and flashcards.  For kids in grades K – 5. 

San Diego Zoo Kids - Learn about animals, play games, read stories, watch videos, complete activities and more! 

Sight Reading Factory – Limited sight-reading practice for free. 

Scholastic – Learning for grades PreK - 9.  Simply choose your grade level and begin. 

Scholastic - Free writing printables.

Seneca – An online learning resource for middle school and high school students. 

Starfall - Free colorful, fun educational activities for PreK – 3rd grade. 

Step 2 – Step2 is doing a Daily DI-Live every weekday at 3PM EST.  The DIY aims to use items you most likely already have at home.  The craft supplies that will be used are posted the day before so you can gather or purchase as needed.  Each DI-Live end with a book reading. 

Storyline Online - Listen to books being read while seeing the story.  Great for ages 4 to 8. 

Study Counts - Practice math problems ranging from easy to difficult.  Choose from Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced levels. 

Sworkit Kids - Free kid's workouts.  After your first workout, you’ll be required to create an account.  Once your account is created, you’ll have unlimited access to hundreds of video workouts for any age.  Adult workouts cost, but the kid's workouts are always free!  Once your account is created, go back to this link to access the kid's workouts.  Be sure to bookmark it! 

Teach Engineering – Scroll to the bottom to find lots of At-Home Activities.  To give you an example, one activity is inventing your own backscratcher with items you have around the house. 

Teach with Me – Lots of free printables. 

Teach Your Monster to Read – Free on the Apple App Store  

Teachers Pay Teachers: Literacy with the Littles – Freebies for PreK – 2nd grade.  

Toy Theater – Free educational games for kids. 

Toys R’ Us – Free DIY activities. 

Twinkl – Lessons available for PreK-Grade 5.  Instructions included on the main page.  Sign up here using promo code CVDTWINKLHELPS to get one month free. 

Typing – Free keyboarding, digital literacy and coding. 

Typing Club – Great for beginners and pros.  They have many options available. 

Typing Club’s Jungle Junior - Aimed at kids in PreK – 1st grade.  

Very Hungry Caterpillar Shapes & Colors – Available for free on the app store. 

Virtual Fieldtrips -  

National Aquarium      Georgia Aquarium      The Alamo 

Yellowstone National Park      The White House      Ellis Island 

Jerusalem (Younger Grades)      Jerusalem (Older Grades)      Grand Canyon 

Museum of Natural History      Buckingham Palace      San Diego Zoo 

Atlanta Zoo Panda Cam      Empire State Building      Star Atlas 

Amazon Rainforest      Museo Galileo 

Vooks – Bring children's books to life with animated illustrations, read-a-long text and narrated story.  They are currently offering a free year for teachers and home school educators.  They also have several resources for free under the Resources tab.  No account needed for the guides listed under Resources.   

Vroom – Tips for parents of kids ages 5 and under. 

Walkabouts - Walkabouts are on-demand adventures that transform math and language content into short, movement-rich activities for Pre-K through Second Grade students.  The link gives you the login and password needed for each grade level. 

WebMath - A math help web site that generates answers to specific math questions and problems, as entered by a user. 

Worksheet Works – Printable worksheets.  This site offers a variety of both free and purchasable worksheets.  The worksheets with a lock in the corner are considered premium.  To use a premium worksheet, you must be a member.  However, we found lots of free options. 

ZonderKidz - Free curriculum guides, devotions, crafts and activities.

Internet Essentials - These are temporary helps being offered due to the school shut downs.

     Charter Communications -  They are currently offering free Access to Spectrum Broadband and Wi-Fi for 60 Days for new K-12 and college student households and more to those who qualify. 

     Comcast – They are currently offering two months free of their Internet Essentials for new customers.  Internet Essentials is their affordable internet for eligible households. 


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Although there are many cash back apps, the ones we've listed above are tried and true. They pay out and have a proven track record for being reliable.

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