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Writing Tales Level One Teacher's Guide
In addition to answers for the Student Workbook, the Writing-Tales Teacher's Guide also contains two sets of specific day-to-day lesson...
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Writing Tales Level One Student Workbook
Amy Olsen has produced an awesome home school product that encompasses writing and grammar for 3rd - 5th graders.   Level...
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Wordsmith Student E-Book
E-Book Version For seventh grade skills and up, For young people who want to improve their writing skills, step-by-step instructions...
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Wordsmith Craftsman (10th grade & up)
$16.00 $14.87
The third and last of the Wordsmith series focuses on building, integrating, and polishing practical writing skills. This self-directed program...
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Student Resource Binder (IEW)
Purchase a binder for each student to use in building his own Student Resource Handbook. The binder comes with ready-made tabs...
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The Power in Your Hands: Writing Nonfiction in High School Textbook, 2nd Edition
  Finally, your teens will write without dread! Have they almost given up on writing? Do they reach for the...
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A Writer's Guide to Powerful Paragraphs
$24.95 $22.47
An easy-to-use tool for teachers and advanced students, this guide provides definitions and practical examples of 30 different paragraph structures....
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Biblical Worldview Rhetoric II Student Version
$40.00 $36.97
Study Aristitle's Five Canon's and take apart the speeches and essays of the past.  This text takes you through Aristotle's...
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Biblical Worldview Rhetoric I Student Version
$55.00 $51.94
This book takes your student through Aristotle's Five Canons of Rhetoric and focuses on excellent writing and deep, biblical thinking....
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Classical Rhetoric with Aristotle
$39.95 $36.97
Martin Cothran's Classical Rhetoric with Aristotle is a guided tour through the first part of the greatest single book on...
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Easy Writing
$33.95 $30.95
Using a workbook format, two levels within one book teaches students how to write more complex sentence structures using concepts...
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How to Write a Story
Learn from a master storyteller how to craft effective plots, create realistic scenes, develop authentic characters, and much more!A natural...
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