Home School Math from Saxon, Bob Jones, Alpha Omega and others. Dothe math in traditional books, or hands-on, or computer based.
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Addition the Fun Way Audio Book on CD
$12.95 $12.47
Read by the author, Judy Liautaud, Addition the Fun Way! Book for Kids Audio CD: Easy to find separate tracks...
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Addition Flash Cards ( 0 - 12 )
$497.00 $4.97
Brighter Child Addition 0 to 12 Flash Cards offer children a fun and easy way to practice their addition skills....
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Addition CD Kit (Audio Memory)
Audio Memory puts math facts to music, singing tables in echo style. Each song is different and is repeated with...
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Addition and Subtraction: Beyond Math Facts
Fluency and memorization  of math facts is essential for being able to solve harder computation and real-life math problems. This...
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