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Alpha Omega Switched-On Schoolhouse - 12th Grade - Government/Economics (USB)
$99.95 $89.96
 Switched-On Schoolhouse 12th Grade Government & Economics is an interesting government course taught in a cutting-edge, computer-based format. Engaging lessons...
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BJU Press Economics Teacher's Edition (2nd ed)
Economics covers the financial concerns of the country, businesses, and the home, with Scriptural principles are applied to all areas....
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Bankruptcy Of Our Nation: Your Financial Survival Guide (Revised and Expanded)
$14.99 $12.94
The U.S. national debt has surpassed the $16 trillion mark, with future unfunded obligations of over $120 trillion - and...
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Capitalism for Kids
$14.95 $13.74
An outstanding introduction to entrepreneurship. Stresses how a person can earn a profit in business while maintaining the highest possible...
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Economics: Principles in Action (USED)
$79.97 $35.00
USED* Economics: Principles in Action is a multi-dimensional program designed to help students of all abilities achieve fundamental understanding of...
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Economics: Principles and Policy from a Christian Perspective (USED)
$49.97 $40.00
*USED BOOK - LIMITED QUANTITIES Hardback, ISBN 9780961219857*Used items are non-returnable.
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Economics, A Free Market Reader
A good understanding of free market economics may be gained by reading the articles in this book and completing the...
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Economics in One Lesson
$16.00 $14.97
Called by H.L. Mencken, "one of the few economists in history who could really write, " Henry Hazlitt achieved lasting...
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Intro to Economics : Money, History & Fiscal Faith (Curriculum Pack)
$58.97 $53.94
Package Includes:  Parent Lesson Planner - Contains suggested weekly schedule and easy-to-manage lessons that combine reading, worksheets, and vocabulary-building opportunities....
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Intro to Economics : Money, History & Fiscal Faith (Teacher Guide)
$13.99 $12.94
This Intro to Economics Teacher Guide contains materials for use with Bankruptcy of Our Nation and Money Wise DVD. LessonPlanner Weekly Lesson Schedule Student Worksheets...
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Money Wise: 14 Lessons in Biblical Principles of Work & Finances
$29.99 $25.94
An entertaining and engaging exploration of money principles from God’s Word!Money tips and strategies are one of the most popular...
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One Cent, Two Cents, Old Cent, New Cent: All about Money ( Cat in the Hat's Learning Library)
$8.99 $8.47
The Cat in the Hat puts to rest any notion that money grows on trees, in this super simple look...
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