SOS USB Package Steps

SOS Home Edition Setup
This SOS Home Edition package contains a USB
3.0 flash drive device which holds the SOS Home
installation files, the Curriculum files for the courses
you ordered, and a Quick Start Guide in PDF
format. Also, in the package is a sticker with your
serial number. You will need that during installation.
Note: Depending on the Curriculum you ordered,
your package may contain two USB 3.0 flash drive
devices to accommodate multiple subject sets.
The directory structure on the flash drive device
looks like this:
l Curriculum - Contains your purchased
l InstallDisk - Contains installation files, other
required software, and tools.
l Quick Start Guide (PDF) - Explains how to
install and set up SOS.
1. Plug the flash drive device into a USB port on
your computer.
2. If you have AutoPlay configured to open for
all media and devices, when the AutoPlay
window opens, select the Open folder to
view files option. Otherwise, use Windows
Explorer (on Windows 7) or File Explorer (on
Windows 8.1 and 10) to browse to the drive
containing the flash drive device. For
example, on your computer, it may be drive
3. Double-click the Quick Start Guide to open
the guide for application and curriculum
installation instructions.
Note: The Quick Start Guide requires a PDF
Reader, such as Adobe® Acrobat® Reader®. If you
do not already have a PDF Reader, browse the
device to the InstallDisk folder, then to the Adobe
Reader folder and double-click the Acrobat
application file to install.
Switched-On Schoolhouse Setup