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Elegant Essay: Building Blocks for Analytical Writing Student Book
Purchase this book if you need extra Student Books to teach Elegant Essay- Building Blocks for Analytical Writing. Help your...
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Elegant Essay: Building Blocks for Analytical Writing Teacher's Manual
This teacher’s manual provides a sample schedule, grading helps, and lesson-by-lesson instructions regarding how to teach the material and includes...
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Elegant Essay: Building Blocks for Analytical Writing Teacher/Student Combo
Help your students become confident essay writers as they delve into the details of the essay-writing process. From thesis statements...
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Portable Walls for the Essayist
Are you looking for reminders about how to craft essays? Then what you need is a Portable Wall for the...
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English From The Roots Up Volume 1 Book: Help for Reading, Writing, Spelling, and S.A.T. Scores
Sold Out
English from the Roots Up Volume 1 gives you 100 Greek and Latin root words which you can teach to...
Beowulf (D)
$15.95 $14.97
Composed toward the end of the first millennium, "Beowulf" is the classic Northern epic of a hero's triumphs as a...
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A Tale of Two Cities (DOVER)
It was the time of the French Revolution — a time of great change and great danger. It was a...
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Our Town
$14.99 $13.84
This beautiful new edition features an eye-opening Afterword written by Tappan Wilder that includes Thornton Wilder's unpublished notes and other...
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A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court
A Connecticut engineer named Hank Morgan gets knocked on the head and is transported back in time to medieval England...
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A Writer's Guide to Transitional Words and Expressions
Essential, handy reference helps writers organize and connect ideas and reduce fragmented writing. Lists 1,000 words and phrase "connectors" in...
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